Enterprise UX case study (bonus).

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Hello 👋, Aliaksei is here) In the previous series, we reviewed the whole UX process: ideation, validation, and application of experience design methods. All this was for the redesign of the EPAM’s time-off management system — Vacation portal.

The first part — ‘Value of the…

Tight deadlines, no research, hard stakeholders. But there is a way out.

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Imagine the situation — you are the team-of-one digital designer, a crew is all-new. You are starting something big — a new product, redesign, an important feature, etc. You need to deliver, management wants production-ready screens.

You start today and the result is awaited tomorrow.

Feels like a fire is…

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This article is my personal opinion to popular concerns of the digital product designers in the nearest future (~ 5 years).

#1: Designers could be replaced by algorithms

I doubt it. The current level of progress will not allow replicating even a similarity of a junior UI designer in the next five years. Existing technology can only…

Aleksei Golovach

Senior product designer

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